Dream in Color

When deciding on the perfect design for your next marketing project or logo, the color of the final product is as important as the content. Color psychology is the study of the effect of color on the human brain. It affects all of us when we are buying or making decisions, so make sure you consider it before you print your next marketing piece or business card.

Color psychology is a well-studied field, but the effects of color on individuals is far from objective. People can react to color differently based on their past experiences, interactions with different cultures, and the memories that shape who they are.

For example, while the color red can convey strength and friendliness to one person, it can also register as a fearful and aggressive color to someone else. Even the same person can experience both ends of the emotional spectrum when viewing a single color; it can depend on the amount of color that on display and the length of time they observer it.

While it may seem that color psychology in marketing is ultimately subjective, if we use it as a starting point of design it can help to narrow the gap between being seen and being completely ignored.

The colors that we see don’t just affect our perceptions, however. They are also an important factor in our mood and well-being. Blue and indigo can cause a sense of calm or relaxation in the viewer, where yellow can induce a sense of happiness or euphoria. In fact, the science of using color and light to affect physiological symptoms is called Chromotherapy.

Chromotherapy has been used to help treat or lessen the symptoms of Dyslexia, anxiety, depression, and even post-concussion syndrome. This centuries-old science can be used in tandem with color-psychology to paint a picture of how what we see with our eyes affects our mental states, well-being, and our overall impression of the world around us. It is important to consider all of these areas of study when developing branding on a new product line, or even just choosing a color for the background of your Instagram story.

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