Round Rock Area Serving Center

The Round Rock Area Serving Center is a local non-profit organization that helps to serve the various needs of our community. Every year they hold a gala called “Karamu”, and this year we were privileged to redesign the invite packaging for their 10th anniversary event. See the results below:

Round Rock Area Serving Center 10th Anniversary

We are proud of these new pieces, and they really demonstrate the different ways of thinking you can incorporate in what could easily be a standard paper invitation. The passport design of the invite itself invokes a sense of adventure, and even the envelopes replicate the look of the romanticized air mail packaging of the past. Don’t be bound by convention when putting together your next invite, let us help you think outside the box and put some sparkle in your mailbox.

Round Rock Area Serving CenterCheck out the Round Rock Area Serving Center and learn about ways you can help the community, too!

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