What Is A Graphic Designer

Many people know P&B Print as one of the premiere printers in Round Rock, Texas. Quite often, when they find out we’re more than just a printer, the first question they’ll ask is, “what is a graphic designer?”

In most people’s minds a graphic designer is likely lumped together with traditional artists such as fine art painters and sculptors. While some graphic designers may be artists, few artists can become graphic designers. More importantly, fine artists create to share their artistic vision with their audience that is quite often subject to interpretation, while graphic designers create to communicate. Graphic designers are visual problem solvers leaving very little to interpretation.

When you’re trying to figure out how to brand your business, you don’t ask a fine artist… you ask a graphic designer, because they are uniquely qualified to solve that particular business problem. A graphic designer will look at your goal and deliver a solution that addresses the problems associated with achieving that goal. Whether it is getting name recognition or communicating a complex idea, a graphic designer is who you would rely on to accomplish that goal.

P&B Print is more than just a printer. We have professional graphic designers on staff to make sure your projects deliver the goals you’re attempting to achieve. Whether its business cards, brochures, banners or even a website, our on staff graphic designers are ready to help you reach your target audience effectively. Call on our graphic design team today!

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