Bulk Mail & EDDM Postcards

Maybe you’ve heard of EDDM, but didn’t know what it was. You’ve probably heard that it can help your business grow and that it is pretty good at spreading the word, but still don’t understand exactly what it is. EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail and it lets you pick the USPS route that will best apply to your business marketing. That’s right, you can send out postcards or mailers without the need for a specific address list! No need to pay for an expensive list? Mind blown. The mail carrier delivers your advertisement to EVERY house on their route, thereby getting your message out to as many potential customers as possible! “What’s the catch?” you may ask yourself. Well, the truth is that there are very specific rules for card sizes and layout guidelines that you must follow when setting up your mailer. The good news is that our experienced designers can help you make that eye-catching mailer that conforms to the post office requirements. Also, EDDM is casting a wide net; you may only catch a small percentage of fish, but the ones you catch could become customers for life. We know the rules and best practices so you don’t have to! Call us today! Here’s some more information on EDDM from the USPS. EDDM Mail

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