Memorial Day Memories

Remembering loved military service members who are no longer with us is what Memorial Day is all about. What better way to share your memories than creating a photo album of their lives and the times you shared with them? I remember when my grandfather died a few years ago, there were a ton of wonderful photos of his time in the Air Force and from the rest of his life after retirement. He spent time in Japan for several years with the rest of my mom’s family when she was a kid, and there are great pictures of their time in a unique and beautiful country.

After seeing all those memories, that I myself never got to experience, I wanted to put together a nice photo book for my grandmother and mother to help them remember that time abroad. It was a great way to honor my grandpa’s service and to honor my families memories of him.

You can easily put together a similar gift! Just pull together any important photos you have of your loved one, and bring them to us to print and bind for you. It’s a unique way to create a keepsake that will last a lifetime.

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