Customer Loyalty Cards

When is the last time you showed your customers some love? Aside from the excellent products and service you give them, that is. There are a ton of ways you can show your appreciation for the people that keep the lights on, so to speak. You could just throw them a party and call it a night, but you want them to have a reason to come back and keep shopping with you long after the free buffalo wings and ginger ale are gone. One way to do that is to create Customer Loyalty Cards.

A loyalty card not only serves as a business card to remind your customers where they were, but it also promotes loyalty…it’s right there in the name! Set up a promotion that requires them to come back and shop with you on multiple occasions in order to receive a discount or free gift. You’ll be surprised by how many return shoppers you’ll get. Everybody loves a discount; create a punch card that helps customers keep track of how far away the free smoothie is and you’ve created a game that people won’t mind playing.

Loyalty cards can be anything you want them to be, but as an example, let’s imagine a physical card that nets the holder a free pizza bagel when they buy 7 (assuming you’re in the pizza bagel business). A small business card sized piece of cardstock with tiny pictures of pizza bagels on it can be all that you need to get your point across. Every time the card is brought into the shop, stamp it or punch and the happy pizza bagel fan will be overjoyed that they are only 2 bagels away from that free food. Even if you can’t give away one of your goodies for free, you can create a loyalty program based on a total purchase discount.

“Buy 7 pizza bagels and get 20% off your next purchase!” for example. It’s all about making the customer feel loved and appreciated. The end prize doesn’t really matter, it’s the journey that they’ll remember most every time they come through your doors.

Loyalty Cards


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