Make a list and check it twice

Whether you are preparing for an event, a party, or just trying to make sure you don’t forget anything on your vacation, you’ll need a list. Lists are a great way to keep track of items or tasks when you’re under a time crunch. I ALWAYS forget at least one thing when packing for a trip or going to the grocery store. Because of this, I started to make lists as I thought of something I would need to remember or bring. List-making is not only a useful practice when it comes to preparing for dinner, but it has also been an important part of business.

When you are getting everything together for a trade show your company will exhibit at, you will need to make sure you don’t forget the accouterments necessary for a successful show. Start with the big picture needs and get those off of your mind. Here’s an example:

  • Secure booth space
  • Book hotel room
  • Rent a car

Next, start to drill down on the smaller and easier to forget items:

  • Print booth banner
  • Print business cards/handouts
  • Create promo products
  • Email signup sheets

Lastly, take it to the most granular level and make sure that you don’t forget the toothpaste, phone chargers, or your driver’s license.  Using this “Top Down” approach will help you get the easy-to-remember things out of the way and clear space for the smaller (yet equally important) needs. Once your list is started, add to it as things just “pop” in throughout the day. By the time you leave for your event, you’ll be as prepared as possible. You may still forget that extra pair of socks, but you’ll be better off than if you hadn’t outlined your needs.

We can help you with part of your list, too. If you need any printed materials or promo products, just let us know. We have a TON of different options at affordable prices and we may even be able to thing of a few things you forgot.

Here’s a great article that stresses the importance of list-making and gives you ideas for a few other important lists you can make.


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