What Should You Put On Your Business Cards?

Did you know for every 2,000 business cards you give out, company sales increase by close to 3%? That’s a lot of power in a small card you can easily give out. Here are some tips on making your card stand out and stay in your customer’s hands.
Business Cards


If your cards have a little more weight to them, they’ll feel worth keeping, and stay in good shape. Your clients will see your investment in your card as your investment into your business. Show them you know you’re worth it.


You want the design of your card to showcase your logo, who you are, and what you do.

Who Are You

Put a name and title on your card to connect with your clients. Include a tagline or description of what you offer, otherwise they could forget and your card will end up in the trash.

Communication Options

Not everyone likes to communicate the same way. You need to give your clients options to reach you, otherwise you’ve wasted an opportunity.

Email address

Web Address (aka URL) — putting your web address gives them another way to contact you, since you should have a contact page on your site.

Phone (if you put business and personal, make sure to note which is which) — believe it or not, calling is still some people’s preferred method of contact.

Physical Address — if you business is primarily online a physical address is not necessary. Only include it if you have a storefront.

Social Media

Focus on the channels that resonate with your client base (and where you are active).

QR Code

These can take up a lot of space, so evaluate if you have enough room on your card for it, and if your potential clients are likely to use it.

Call To Action

Why not add a sentence to say “email me today for a quote!” or “visit our site”? Calls to action can influence your potential client to reach out.


Before you approve your cards to go to print, make sure your proofread everything. Get a second set of eyes from your office on the content, you know what your contact information looks like, but sometimes you can glance too quickly and miss something small like a switched number.


Now that you know what should go on your business cards, let’s go to print so you can give those cards out and increase your sales!


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